Unleashing Creativity


Price Waterhouse Coopers has made the statement. So has Ernst and Young, Boston Consulting Group, IBM and Adobe. According to the March 6, 2017 CreativityPost.com, these most respected data collectors asked thousands of leaders across industries around the globe what the most valued and needed skill is. 

The answer?



Why now is creativity so vital? 

According to the story: 

“The threats and opportunities leaders face today are unlike any in history. Without exception, every organization faces the whirling blender dynamic of rapid change, increased connectivity, shrinking resources, and the dominant expectation of immediate gratification. The signals are loud and clear: if we don’t learn to do things differently, we’re going to be in a heap of trouble.” 


Proof it works.


Yet, while everyone is talking “creativity,” few have a methodology to actually Unleash Creativity. The Red Table team does. And there is proof that it works. From the big national bank whose name we agreed to keep confidential to the Southern California Special Olympics. From China’s Huace Entertainment Group and the Qingdao Academy of Governance Think Tank to hundreds of brilliant global Masters students whom we teach at USC-Annenberg, the leading Communication school in the world.  

Fact: People can indeed discover and unleash their creativity. Even the ones who tell us at first, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” 


The prime ingredient: Tension.

At the core of Unleashing Creativity, is tension. With whatever Red Table event or product that people are engaged in, they are assembled into creative teams and then provided a methodology to identify the tension points of the specific challenge, jump into it and stay there. Our belief is the deeper they go into tension, the more powerful the creative output. Excellence is indeed dependent upon immersion into tension. 


Thriving on diversity and change.

The Red Table team itself thrives in two tension points:  Our human diversities.  And the generational perspectives that result from the forces of an ever-changing new era. The three of us are a Jewish grandfather, a young Muslim Libyan-American woman, and a Filipino-American, gay Christian online pop star. We are a Boomer and two Millennials. We are a professor and two student graduates, who met in the classroom of a Master’s program at USC-Annenberg, the Number One Communication school in the world. We are an advertising professional, a nonprofit professional, a design and public diplomacy professional and a social media maven for major Hollywood celebrities as well as traditional leading media outlets. We immerse ourselves into our tensions, talk about them and celebrate them, which is the basis for pursuing the creativity of Red Table’s methodologies of excellence. 


No. No. Don’t decide yet.

Read the short testimonies by clicking this link and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. There is no better proof. Then, if you understand why your company or organization needs to take the risks of Unleashing Creativity, and are committed to the emergence of a creative culture, let’s jump into the tension of a relationship.

Gary Wexler