In just 120 minutes…


The betas have been done and the product sings. Extraordinarily so. Proven by our work with Bank of America, where four of the ideas created at the Red Table are now in development. Proven by Special Olympics where corporate funders are more motivated than ever to continue their involvement. Proven by all the testimonials that you will read at the end of this blog.

A movement of radical creativity.

This startup is not an app. Or a tech product. 

It’s a startup sparking a movement of radical creativity across sectors. Business. Nonprofit. Politics. Academia. Culture. Groups of almost any kind. It solves problems and creates opportunities in a way that has never happened before.


Four deliverables.

During the 120 minutes…yes, just 120 minutes, of a Red Table:

  • Powerful new ideas are developed to change the status quo.
  • People discover and unleash their individual and collaborative creativity.
  • People across the aisle learn to listen and work with one another. A new team spirit is built.
  • A creative culture shift begins.


How does it work?

  1. A Red Table is placed in the middle of a room.
  2. Four people on one side. Four on the other. They hold opposing views.
  3. The Table is surrounded by an audience of up to 200 people.
  4. 30 minutes: Tension
  5. 30 minutes: Commonality
  6. 40 minutes: Create. Creative teams have been pre-assembled combining the participants at the table with the members of the audience. They are given a three minute prompt.
  7. 10 minutes: Short mini presentations, where each group reveals their ideas. Vote. Top ones chosen for development.


Who are we? 

There are four of us. Between us, are two Boomers and two Millennials. A Syrian-American Muslim. A Jewish-American grandfather. A Filipino-American online gay pop star. An African-American working with the Red Table in the capacity of advisor strategist. A hi-tech investor, social activist engineer. An adjunct professor of advertising, creativity and nonprofit marketing, all his professions. A social media maven who works with both celebs and major media companies. A former political advisor who now works with industry relations between Academia and Silicon Valley, as well as Entertainment and Media. We are creative business people, working across generations, who care about the world and society. We enjoy and respect one another, and are serious about turning the way people think upside-down, all in service of being relevant and successful in a diverse and globalized, digitally-driven new world.

And clearly, we believe that a celebration of diversity is the future of our society. 

The Red Table can help you solve your problem. Creatively. Intelligently. Relevantly.  Motivating everyone. Not a boring minute. We promise. 

What issues do you have to bring to the Red Table? Let's talk now and see how we can help you. 


Read on for what people are saying: 

Thank you.
The Red Table team:
Gary Wexler (The Grandfather)
Rama Chakaki (The Syrian)
Chris Agutos (The Gay Pop Star)
Miracle McClain Bazira (The Advisor)


What are people saying?


“A unique opportunity to courageously demonstrate leadership, innovative change, and progressive momentum relating to diversity and inclusion. Having a seat at The Red Table empowers voice and presence that would otherwise be muffled in the confines of organizational norms and culture. The Red Table delivers a platform that transforms thought and creativity in a environment of collaborative engagement and connectivity.” 


"The Red Table took employees out of the comfort zone and made us leave the bubble of the bank. Never had the experience to push employees out of their comfort zones happened like this. The Red Table took the most talented people in Bank of America and made them more talented." 


"The Red Table lead us through the constructs and very quickly all parties were sharing insights and obstacles to working together.  The entire room was engaged in the process. And when we broke into groups, we were able to realize 10-12 meaningful actions that could increase ROI for both sides of the table." 


"The Red Table event was an incredible collaborative experience for our panelists and table participants. The freedom of expression built such creative energy in the room that the ideas exploded from the tables onto the easels which were then shared with great enthusiasm to everyone. Never have I seen and felt such participation among a large group of people in a strategic, creative event. Thank you for guiding us and showing how creative we can be together."


"I loved the energy of the program.  Wexler and his colleagues kept us moving, thinking, focused--challenging us with fresh perspective on what the group was bubbling up.  Fast, fun, thought-provoking and productive.  We are already implementing ideas that came out of our workshop.  A definite value-add exercise for any organization." 


"The Red Table provided a unique collaborative opportunity for our staff and corporate partners to identify ways to support not only our mission but our corporate partners’ goals as well. The team-interaction of tension, commonality and creativity led to actual fundraising ideas that motivated both. The resulting bonus was the development of a closer relationship with some of our greatest supporters!"

Gary Wexler