What’s more powerful and effective than Ambien? The Strategic Planning process.  Nothing will put you to sleep quicker. Still not strong enough? Try reading “The Strategic Plan.” If you can actually pick up this 100-pound weight, it’s guaranteed you’ll be out cold by the fifth page.

In this new era, the Strategic Plan is OBSOLETE. The era isn’t moving to strategies. It’s dancing to ideas. Big ideas.

Ideas are at the center of the New Communication, which is at the center of everything.


You want to excite and motivate the people that matter? Start Creative Planning.

Inspire them. Build a team spirit. Change the culture. Create. Win. This is the methodology that my students learned, bringing these skills into their workplaces from Google to Netflix, and report to me how essential it has been to their success.


Step 1:

A dynamic and engaging orientation to the creative process.

Step 2:

Introduce a Red Table into the process, bringing together opposite opinions.  among the participants.

Step 3:

Assemble the group into creative teams.

Step 4:

Teach them the creation methodology called The Undulating Space. (All my students thrive and become excited in this space. Every single one. So will even your most resistant participant.)

Step 5:

Idea creation practice.

Step 6:

Now, bring in some light strategic thinking through a one-hour exercise on setting up the Goals-Strategies-Tactics plan.

Step 7:

Now throw them into serious idea creation for the organization. Each team creates three big ideas that fit the Goals-Strategies-Tactics plan.

Step 8:

Idea critiquing and revision.

Step 9:

Now they can begin the thinking about implementation strategies, being driven, motivated, excited about the ideas they created, wanting to see them come to life.

Step 10:

Close the process with another Red Table and see how different it will be from the first one.

And oh, by the way, I write nothing, no reports, no docs. The thinking is on the walls and the white boards. You write up whatever you want.