After being cast aside as an irrelevant Boomer,

I developed an unthinkable strategy: If I could teach the very generation in whose context I was being labeled irrelevant, then how irrelevant could I really be?

So, getting paid almost nothing, I wrangled a position at one of the top Communication schools in the world. 

Six years later, thirty students cram into every class that is supposed to have twelve students at most. I now teach several Communication classes on creativity for both business as well as nonprofits. And based on my popularity among the international students, many of them Chinese, I now also teach team creativity to visiting Chinese business delegations at Cal State University Long Beach. I started a blog about my classes and now have 10,000 readers. All of this has led to business collaborations with my students, speaking engagements, panel moderation, the development of a huge new network, and many new clients.